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Connected Chill

Connect your ACFRI blast chiller freezer to your smartphone

zoom simply usb

Key features

  • Start your blast chilling/deep freezing cycle from your smartphone
  • Product identification
  • Cycle operating data logbook
  • Automatic compliant cycle calculation (+63°C to +10°C)
  • Transfert operation data to your traceability system
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Simply Touch

Simply’Touch, digital regulation is on the move


simply touch 2

Écran de contôle panoramique, clair et complet

    • Control display, panoramic, clear and complete
    • Exhaustive display of all parameters and instructions
    • Immediate access to all manuals : regulation, best practices, maintenance, cleaning
    • Light for Alarm cycles and defrosting cycles automatic calculation progresses
    • A la carte positioning : directly on the cell or remote

simply touch 3

Simplified & intuitive Control

    • Touch interface on 7 inches screen for cycle management : eminently readable and great confort for users.
    • 4 cells simultaneous control : operating saving time.
    • Easy management of Recurring products detailed list : possible save of about one hundred names.
    • Simple access to all stored parameters complete list, with personal access code.

simply touch 4

Optimized traceability and security

    • Immediate identification of products from the created list, since cycle starts
    • Previous charts and graphs display
    • Complete historical of all cycles with time validation warning light
    • List management of all parameters and variables, with personal access code
    • Automatic calculation of cycles duration
    • Quick file exports, delivered in CSV format (Excel compatible), via RJ45 socket


The control of your wireless probes on tablet and PC

the brochure


Centralized control panel on your tablet

simply touch 2

  • Product identification
  • Reached target temperature alarm
  • Settable alarm threshold
  • Input/output display

New wireless box

simply touch 3

  • Dual temperature reading (ambient & core probe)
  • Rechargeable by induction
  • Live track cycle temperatures

WIFI receiver box

  • Centralize multiple ACFRI blast chiller on one box
  • WIFI setup
  • ACFRI Soft interface


  • Data recording and archiving on PC
  • Automatic cycle time display
  • Cycle graphs viewing,printing and archiving
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection and remote access
  • Conformity cycle history
  • Multi-user software

USB pack - Printer

Cycles printing on type TTL Printer

zoom simply usb

  • Products identification with list management via USB key
  • Storage phases prints
  • Default prints in case of dysfunction
  • Automatic calculation of legal sequence +63°C / +10°C
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