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TCI Tunnels serie

The TCI range is dedicated to large capacities and modular in many configurations. TCI doors are in the 1,200 X 2,200 HT format to allow the use of large industrial charcuterie trolleys. The tunnels are available in single box (only one side of ventilation) or in double box (ventilation on both sides).

These tunnels are particularly suitable for multi-carriage through use, in cycle or continuously (FIFO). The cooling capacity is adaptable to needs and is produced by a remote unit. the ideal large capacity tool for rapid cooling, freezing, crusting, stiffening and rapid defrosting.

Cells with trolleys on an ultra-thin and waterproof floor sole for simplified installation on existing floors without breaking the bank. The gently sloping machined nosing allows easy access for trolleys.

As an option, the cells can be equipped with an insulated floor with reinforced thickness for prolonged use in deep-freezing mode.




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TCI tunnels serie

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