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ACFRI: an expert know-how

  • Rapid cooling

    acfri-plats-cuisines.jpgRapid cooling of a product between critical temperatures of +65°C and +10°C blocks bacterial growth.

    ACFRI cells allow ultra-fast cooling thanks to homogeneous blowing at ultra-low temperatures. Indeed, the exclusive ACFRI ventilation technology guarantees homogeneity of blowing over the entire height of the load.

    The patented SIMPLY 3 regulator allows controlled blowing to the degree in intense, delicate and progressive mode. Modes are editable on demand.

    courbe refroidissement rapide

    °C = Blowing Temperature

  • Deep Freezing (Ultra-Freezing)

    Deep-freezing is a powerful processing solution for natural and additive-free storage of products.

    An ultra-fast temperature drop allows water to freeze inside the cells without causing the shell of the cells to burst.

    This is micro crystallization.

    The organoleptic qualities of the product are thus perfectly preserved.

    courbe microcristalisation

    The difference between deep-freezing and simple freezing is spectacular when thawing the product.

    Indeed, the “macro crystallization” results from a slow freezing (lack of air speed, insufficiently low temperature, lack of homogeneity) leads to a significant release of the water contained in the product.

    Test surgélation

    *After thawing, the frozen product (left) retains all its organoleptic qualities and releases practically no water, unlike the frozen product slowly (right)

    The exclusive ACFRI Venting Evaporation System allows for seamless freezing in the cell.

    Logo qualité ultra basses températures

    ACFRI cells guarantee frozen product quality with ultra-low temperature and gas-free quality performance.

  • Defrost


    El exclusivo sistema de ventilación ACFRI permite un ciclo de soplado en temperaturas positivas, secuenciadas y controladas para la descongelación de todo tipo de productos congelados.

    La descongelación así obtenida está garantizada sin cocción intempestiva y sin efecto de bordes. La velocidad de descongelación también limita la oxidación de los productos relacionada con el estacionamiento prolongado en refrigeradores estáticos.

  • Crusting - Stiffening


    The exclusive ACFRI ventilation technology allows homogeneous ultra-low temperature blowing throughout the loading height. All products are hardened (surface) or stiffened (core) to ensure efficient slicing with a reduction in material loss.

    The patented SIMPLY 3 system provides sequenced blow-out to ensure core-surface homogeneity that is essential for high-throughput slicing.

  • Curing


    The exclusive ACFRI ventilation system allows ultra-low temperature blowing to block the evaporation of ice cream from the turbine or freezer.

    This preserves the rich ice cream, ensuring a smooth, smooth consistency.

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