Simply Touch

Simply’Touch, digital regulation is on the move

simply touch 1

Ergonomy & ease of use

  • Control display, panoramic, clear and complete
  • Exhaustive display of all parameters and instructions
  • Immediate access to all manuals : regulation, best practices, maintenance, cleaning
  • Light for Alarm cycles and defrosting cycles automatic calculation progresses
  • A la carte positioning : directly on the cell or remote
  simply touch 2

Simplified & intuitive Control

  • Touch interface on 7 inches screen for cycle management : eminently readable and great confort for users.
  • 4 cells simultaneous control : operating saving time.
  • Easy management of Recurring products detailed list : possible save of about one hundred names.
  • Simple access to all stored parameters complete list, with personal access code.


  simply touch 3

Optimized traceability and security

  • Immediate identification of products from the created list, since cycle starts
  • Previous charts and graphs display
  • Complete historical of all cycles with time validation warning light
  • List management of all parameters and variables, with personal access code
  • Automatic calculation of cycles duration
  • Quick file exports, delivered in CSV format (Excel compatible), via RJ45 socket
  simply touch 4