ACFRI ventilation

The ACFRI ventilation principle guarantees the ventilation's homogeneity.

The cooling is produiced at a very low temperature without inadvertent deep freezing risk for produts.

Ventilation and temperature being homogeneous on the whole height, products on trolley's top reach the end of cycle at the same time as the ones on the bottom.

  systeme acfri

Air blow temperature

The principle of Blast Chilling and deep freezing in mechanical refrigeration is based on the temperature difference between the product and the air blowed. The more the temperature difference will be, the shortest the cycle will be. In Blast Chilling as in Deep Freezing, a cell should be able to produce a negative air blow temperature.

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Difficult products
Fragiles products
Deep freezing
To reach +10°C at core, some products require a blow up to -20°C. Some products more fragile and more easy to chill can just have a mastered blow during all the cycle (see ACFRI progressif'temp solution).   To quickly reach -18°C core temperature, all products require an intense blow between  -30°C and -40°C.

Air speed

 ventil 4

The air speed allows the indispensable heat exchange for a product blast chilling.

The more a product will be ventilated, the more its chilling will be fast. In the case of a blast chilling done by an air blow below zero, it is so necessary to provide the same blow for all the products, at the risk of causing an inadvertent deep freezing of the first chilled products.