• Cycle temperature self-adjustement by programmable blowing sequences to the nearest degree (see graphic example)

  • Multi-points core probes and independant ambient probe.

  • End of cycle alarm visual and audible (powerfull)

  • Automatic storage mode at the cycle's end adjustable at the nearest degree.

  • End of cycle ventilation maintaining to speed up storage temperature reach and facilitate products homogeneity.

  • End of cycle core temperature setting at the nearest degree (example : +3°C to +10°C).

  • RS 485 output, BUS protocole mode, complete interfacing with traceability solution (MICROLIDE) 

  exemple cycle sequence

New Simply 3

  • Stainless steel bent and reinforced core probes and room probes with large amplitude + 90°C / - 50 °C

  • Core probes rise intertia temporization in order to avoid a core probe inadvertent default on too hot product

  • Proble cycle minimum time setting so that to secure the cyle in case of core probe worng position.